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Storyteller Diane Wolkstein dies - January 31, 2013

NSN member Regina Ress has shared the following very sad news with us:

"Our friend and mentor and great inspiration Diane Wolkstein passed away very early this morning in Taiwan. She had had emergency heart surgery but the procedure was not sufficient to allow her heart to work on its own. She was not conscious and she was not alone. She had several of her close friends from Taiwan there with her and at the very end she had a rabbi say kaddish and Buddhist prayers were said as well. Her death is a terrible shock. Her life overflowed with joy, intensity, friendship, love and spirit. Her love for each of us and the stories she told live inside of us forever."

A storyteller since 1967, Diane played a significant part in the storytelling revival through her books and recordings, performances and teaching.  She was an avid NSN member, including presenting at last summer's National Storytelling Conference, and an inaugural member of the NSN ORACLE Circle of Excellence (1996).  Diane will be greatly missed.


Brother Blue tells King Lear - tribute to Storyteller Emeritus

 Hugh Morgan Hill 1921-2009 aka Brother Blue was famous for his street performances in Cambridge, Mass, received his BA from Harvard and an MA from Yale. He was awarded Harvard's W.E.B Du Bois Medal posthumously in 2009.

Professional tellers - personal stories

Diane Ferlatte is a well known African American Teller from California who has told at festivals around the world.

Professional Tellers telling folk and Bible tales

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