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Oregon Government Resources: Oregon State Resources--The Basics

Getting Started with Oregon State Government Information

 Oregon flag    Welcome to the Oregon State Depository Library at Southern Oregon University! 

The Government Publications Department is located on the main floor of Hannon Library behind the Reference Desk.  Our staff provides expert assistance in locating, understanding and utilizing Oregon government information in our collection and on the Internet.  For help please phone/email the department using contact information at right.


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Quick Web Links for Oregon Government Information

Explore these links for information you do NOT find in Hannon Library Catalog:

A Few Important State of Oregon Departments

Government Information Librarian

Dotty Ormes
Library 136


A Great Website!

"The Oregon Encyclopedia, a partnership of Portland State University, the Oregon Council of Teachers of English, and the Oregon Historical Society, is a comprehensive and authoritative compendium of information about Oregon's history and culture."