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Research Guide for the Green House: Home

This guide is for students participating in the Green House at Southern Oregon University.

EBSCO Databases and More

What is are scholarly (or peer-reviewed) articles, and how can they be found at SOU?
Scholarly articles are published in scholarly journals, usually by experts, after scrutiny and comment by "peers" (usually other experts in the  field of study).  Peer-reviewed articles are written for an informed, usually academic audience. Scholarly articles look different from popular literature such as news or hobby articles from print or online media.  For more information about how to recognize peer-reviewed articles, click here.  SOU Hannon Library has subscriptions to print scholarly journals and provides access to thousands of online peer-reviewed articles from journals online.  There are three EBSCO databases that cover topics studied by the Green House. 

How do I cite something?

Hannon Library Citation Links - See section on APA style

Recommended Websites

Sample Books from the SOU Catalog

Green House Librarian

Kate Cleland-Sipfle

2nd floor of the Library
Website / Blog Page

Green House Librarian

Jim Rible

3rd floor of the Library
Website / Blog Page